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Rates & Services

We are a full service company but no job is too small,we have a two hour minimum.We can pack your whole house or just your fragile item's,it's up to you.

         Time starts at your door

         Free use of wardrobes

         No fuel charges or hidden costs

         No long walk or flight charges

         Fee box delivery

         Free written estimates

         Carpet runners on the truck   


We have a clean modern warehouse for your storage need's.Your good's are stored in sealed vault's in our warehouse.There is no public access but you are welcome to visit us.The yard is fully fenced and gated with flood light's and video security and the building is alarmed.

We have a two hour minimum and the price includes insurance the truck and all the equipment and we provide wardrobe's for your hanging clothes.We disassemble and reassemble your bed's and mirror's on dresser's and so on.We disconnect and reconnect your appliances including waterline's to your Refridgerator.

We will gladly come to your home to give you an estimate and a guaranteed price for local or long distance moving.We have free delivery for packing material and you only pay for what you use,we take back any extra material.If you need packing that's no problem at all,we can do a full pack job the day before your move. On move's of 100 mile's or more we like to load you and deliver the following morning.Our customer's like this service because it give's them plenty of time for last minute thing's and an easy drive to the new house.   

Please feel free to call us anytime for information about your upcoming move.

                                       Some Helpful Tip's

One of the most important thing's is that you are prepared for your move.If you are doing your own packing use moving boxes they are a uniform size so it is more efficient and therefore save's you time and money.Make sure you seal them and mark on them clearly which room you would like them to go to in your new home.You can leave clothes in the draw's but take out anything that may be spillable such as jewelery.Try to use as much food stored in your Refridgerator in the day's before your move date,this will avoid any possible spoilage.

There are three main sizes of boxes you will need,

          Book boxes  1.5 cf

          Medium        3.1 cf

          Large           4.5 cf 

When you pack your kitchen put three or four sheet's of crumpled paper in the bottom first and then start with the heavier item's such as big bowl's and platter's,the platter's should be placed on edge.As you start to fill the box use lighter items as you progress.You should always use unprinted paper so your item's are not covered in newsprint,let's keep the dish washing to a minimum.As with the platter's and bowl's your dishes should be placed on edge,this is the strongest part.The book boxes are ideal for stemware and fragile item's and mark on top of the box TOP STACK ONLY.Always keep a couple of boxes on hand for last minute item's like bedding and important paper's.We will bring in the wardrobe's when we have made some space and while we are loading you can hang your clothes.

We can also load or unload your rental truck or sea container and some of the other form's of moving like ABF freight and pods.We use our equipment and tool's to give you a professional move.

Please don't hesitate to call about any question's you may have,if we can help we will.